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With the purpose to ensure the safety of players, the following behaviors are forbidden.

■ Forbidden issues

  • The people under 18 years are not allowed to attend.
  • It is forbidden to force the girl for sexual behavior. (not allowed by law)
  • It is not allowed to hurt females with molest language and behavior.
  • No refuse for shower and gargle.
  • It is not allowed to use the play tools by the players.
  • It is not allowed to take photos and hear without permission.
  • It is not allowed to suggest a date in the shop and to exchange personal information regarding mobile phone number, mail address etc.
  • It is not allowed to use illegal drug and medicine.
  • The people with venereal disease or suspicious disease is not allowed to attend.
  • It is not allowed to refuse the leaving of the girl after service time.

■ Exception from liability

We do not guarantee the appropriateness and correctness of the published information, and we do not bear any responsibility.

Our company will not bear any responsibility for any direct and indirect injury or trouble incurred due to the application of the public information used by the players.

Escort, Outcall



Sales point
  • Standard price
  • Sister
  • Big tits
  • More people of twenties
  • OK depending on the girl
  • Introduction from Japanese

053-525-6633 / +81-53-525-6633


45 minutes 7000 yen ~


入会金 1000円→今だけ無料!
指名料 2,000円
本指名料 1000円
延長30分 6000円
特別指名料 コイン1つに付き 1000円UP
AF 3000円
45分 7,000円
80分 13,000円
100分 17,000円
120分 21,000円
60分 9,000円
75分 12,000円
90分 14,000円
120分 19,000円
150分 24,000円
180分 29,000円
初回ネット予約限定 業界最安値クーポン!!
80分 9500円
ネット予約初回限定コースです イベント料金からさらに500円引きでご案内いたします!!
コスプレ・バイブ・生パンツ・即尺・パンスト破り・アナルバイブ・ローター・電マ・オナニー鑑賞・オルガスター・聖水・とびっこ・顔射・イラマチオ・ごっくん・目隠し・アナル舐め 無料
AF 3,000円
浜松市内 1,000円~(一部地域は無料)
浜松市外 2,000円~
  • On foot

  • Car routine

  • Train route

Selection of location

Selection of capital, province, counties and towns.